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Marvel Super Heroes is a super hero role-playing game based on Marvel Comics which was licensed by TSR. The game was first released in 1984 and game supplements were last published in 1993. It incorporates elements of the Mythos (Shuma-Gorath and Chthon), which were found in the "Realms of Magic" sourcebook (1986) but it was specific to certain campaign types, otherwise it's rare the characters will encounter the Mythos. The game was designed to be easy to understand and use, and the focus was on superhero fights.


The setting encompassed all of the Marvel setting, though it was not in the mainstream prime reality of Earth-616. You were able to play the role of the licensed super hero characters or could create one of your own. Campaign settings were either cosmic, on Earth, in New York City or in another dimension. Your campaign could be one that involved traveling through time or visiting different dimensions or realities. The core books and their campaign books were focused on one of four "worlds", that of the X-Men (mutants), the Avengers, the Fantastic Four (time travel & dimensional travel), and the street heroes of NY City.

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