This subject contains information from the Mythos Adjacent Works, and while share similar themes and features of the Mythos are not based on his work, or generally considered a part of the Mythos proper.The Menoptera are a species created by BBC in 1965 for Doctor Who.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Menoptera are a humanoid insectoid race which have human-like faces with large black eyes and antennae. They have four large wings that give them the ability to fly. If removed the wings quickly regenerate though the ability to fly is lost. The secret to their flight was the anti-gravitic power of isocryte, which they consumed in minute traces. Bands of white fur and black skin cover their bodies. They were a technologically capable race, which possessed weapons and a fleet of spacecraft. Menoptera built their villages and temples in cliff-faces and the nests were usually constructed in trees. They worshipped the Gods of Light and looked down on the wingless.

Menoptera did not originate on Vortis. Dozens of Menopetra were taken from their homeworld and relocated to Vortis by the Gods of Light. Early in the planet's history, the Zarbi waged war against the Menoptera. Whom were forced to withdraw to the moons.Some time afterwards they return to the planet, where they lived a peaceful life, leading simple lives. Which changed upon the arrival of the Animus who took over the Zarbi. Who once again waged war against the Menoptera, forcing them to retreat to one of Vortis' moons. The Animus would eventually be defeated with the assistance of the Doctor and his companions.

For many years afterwards, the Zarbi and Menoptera lived and worked in peace together. The world eventually ended up in the nearby Rhumos system, which was the home of a warlike race. Who turned the Menoptera into slaves, who were simultaneously facing the threat of a resurrected Animus. The Doctor and his companions liberated the Menoperate from bondage, defeated the Animus again, and made the Rhumons declare the planet neutral ground.

The Zarbi would become a threat to the Earth when a Zarbi Supremo evolved and took over the Zarbi. They then used advanced technology to move Vortis to Earth's Solar System, as part of a plan to conquer Earth. The Menoptera built a fleet of spacecraft and attempted to stop the Zarbi. With the assistance of the Doctor and a group of Earth scientists, the Zarbi Supremo was slain and the Zarbi returned to their normal state.

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