You can depend on me to guide you through the unknown.

Extended universe sigil Minh Thi Phan is an Investigator character created by Fantasy Flight Games for inclusion in their Cthulhu Mythos-related games and fiction.

History Edit

Minh Thi Phan has had two differing biographies released, one in the Innsmouth Horror Deluxe Expansion to Arkham Horror Second Edition, and the other in Eldritch Horror.

Innsmouth Horror Deluxe Expansion (EXP) Edit

Minh's family fled their home in Korea to escape persecution from the Japanese; making their way to the United States, the family settled down to build themselves a future. Being hard workers, they were able to pay for Minh to attend community college where, despite experiencing her own share of racism and harassment, she completed her degree before heading out into the wider world to find a job.

Landing a position as secretary at a small firm in Arkham, Minh's main concern was that her new boss might act inappropriately towards her, but luckily Mr. Thompson wasn’t that kind of man, and Minh settled into her new job comfortably.

That was, until Mr. Thompson loaned her The King in Yellow. Minh was utterly repulsed by the contents of the book, and returned it to Mr. Thompson unfinished despite her employer's insistence that the end was the best part.

The very next day, Minh received a telephone call from St. Mary's Hospital saying that Mr. Thompson had died by suicide, and had named her as his next of kin. Collecting up Mr. Thompson's belongings - including The King in Yellow - Minh began to think on what to do next.

Eldritch Horror (EXP) Edit

After travelling from Vietnam to Seoul in pursuit of business interests, Phan Thi Minh's father paid for an expensive education for the girl. Reaching adulthood and proving to be every bit as business-savvy as her father, Minh changed the ordering of her name to fit Western conventions before taking a secretarial job with a firm who specialised in importing unusual antiquities in Tokyo.

Forming a firm friendship with her boss Mr. Thomas, when the man was murdered Minh resolved to find the culprit and, armed only with a bizarre text left by her employer, set about doing just that.

Behind the Mythos Edit

Minh Thi Phan was first conceived by Fantasy Flight for the Innsmouth Horror expansion to the Second Edition of Arkham Horror, and has since appeared in other games including Mansions of Madness, Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror: The Card Game. A pre-painted plastic miniature of Minh designed to complement these games was released in 2010, but is no longer in production (all EXP).

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