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Step into the lecture halls of the prestigious Miskatonic University! The world of Arkham is larger and more terrifying than previously thought, but the members of this hallowed institution's faculty have seen true horror and stared into the face of madness. Heed their lessons well, for your ability to stand against ultimate cosmic evil and to survive with your mind intact is about to be put to the test!

The Miskatonic Horror Deluxe Expansion is a big-box expansion pack for Fantasy Flight Games' board game of Lovecraftian adventure, Arkham Horror.


As the eighth and final expansion set for Arkham Horror, Miskatonic Horror saw a departure from the design of previous add-ons; instead of introducing a new scenario for Investigators to play through, it functioned as an expansion for the previous expansions. To this effect it was comprised of cards and other elements which added to the scope of the earlier expansions, rather than itself providing much in the way of new ways to play.

Despite this, Miskatonic Horror did contain rules and components to add a new mechanic to the base game: Institutions. These represent organisations of individuals who offer the players their patronage for a price, reportedly making Arkham Horror marginally easier to complete.

Included Characters Edit

Heralds Edit

Blights Edit

  • Harney Jones
  • Joe Osborn
  • Gladys Pickman
  • Jonas Rigg
  • Principal Miles
  • Brian Burnam
  • Joe Sargent
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