Mlandoth is a primal entity or force, not dissimilar to the Nameless Mist or Darkness, although it is uncertain if it is a place, conscious being, or an inconceivable maelstrom of unknown forces and properties outside the perceptible cosmos. It is mentioned in Uralte Schrecken as a kind of prime archetype from which all mythical god-heads are derived. This would seem to suggest Azathoth or possibly the Prime Archetype stage of Ubbo-Sathla ?

According to the cycle surrounding these beings, they are a sort of cosmic Yin and yang, whose meeting resulted in the creation of all things (although the terrible Azathoth is usually attributed to this). Their joinings routinely create and destroy matter and entities. One of the beings created in this way was the inimical Outer God Ngyr-Khorath.

Behind the MythosEdit

Mlandoth and Mril Thorion were created by Walter C. DeBill Jr., but were suggested years earlier by Clark Ashton Smith.

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