Mythos adjacent Seal The Mlandoth cycle is a parallel legend to the "Cthulhu cycle". It is the invention of Walter C. DeBill, Jr. and instead of relying heavily on the literary creations of H. P. Lovecraft or his followers DeBill's stories utilize an entirely new pantheon, literary milleau and forbidden books.

The cycle gets it's name from the creator deity, Mlandoth. Other important deities are Ngyr-Korath, it's avatar or "extension" Ymnar and the fertility god Yidhra. (ADJ: "Where Yidhra Walks", Walter C. DeBill, 1976)

The cycle is described in various sources such as the incredibly ancient The Chronicles of Thrang, The Texts of Mloeng and the more recent Uralte Schrecken. (ADJ: "Ngyr-Khorath", Walter C. DeBill, 1973 / "The Barrett Horror", 2006)

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