Mythos adjacent Seal The Moit of Shub-Niggurath are a fictional race created by Paizo Inc in 2011 for the Pathfinder roleplaying game.


The Moit of Shub-Niggurath are spawn of the Outer God, Shub-Niggurath. Which start out as "Slugspawn", bloated mucus covered slugs which are as long as a man's forearm. As they are vulnerable to large predators they hide in shadow crevices or dark pools, waiting for the pliant brains and warm flesh that they need. Upon infesting a living body, they borrow toward the skull and wrapped themselves around the lower brain. Where they feed and grow on the energies generated by thought. Though a slugspawn can be killed or removed, the longer it's in the host the more damage to the victim and if not removed soon from the host, the host's life becomes linked to that of the slugspawn. Within 2-12 days, a humanoid host matures into a "Spawning Canker". The slugspawn devours the host's brain and takes over the beheaded body, becoming a spawning canker.

Spawning Cankers are fanatically obsessed with propagating the species. They avoid competing with each other, but if there aren't enough resources, each Canker will attempt to make sure that it's the one that can spawn. If a region experiences an infectious invasion of moits, each Canker becomes increasingly desperate as the number of hosts diminish. Spawning Cankers are as tall as the body they invest plus an additional 2-3 ft of added height due to the wildly whipping tentacles where the head used to be. Inside the body's chest cavity is a squirming heart-like body that is a mass of fetal features with spiny tendrils which have spread throughout the host, controlling its limbs and organs. They give the host superhuman strength and speed, and the ones that extend from outside act as both its feeding tubes and sensory organs. After it has gorged itself, the limbs split and tear from the host as slugspawn. Approximately 1% of the cankers become Dark Young.


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