In the Cthulhu Mythos, there are not only abominable creatures from outer space and beyond our universe. There are individuals, human and otherwise, that have been changed by their encounters with alien technology, exotic energy and other still more strange influences.

Mutants fall under the specifications of having mundane earthly origins, but have undergone some sort of biological change from its mundane counterparts by accidental or incidental interaction with the previously mentioned sources. They should be differentiated from hybrids and other inter-species breeding or biological experimentation by Mythos agents.

Fallout of the Colour Out of SpaceEdit

The Colour Out of Space, after falling within a meteorite to the vicinity of Arkham, Massachusetts, wreaked terrible havok as its exotic energies caused untold biological damage to the surrounding area.

The Grotesque Woodchucks of Meadow HillEdit

In February the McGregor boys from Meadow Hill were out shooting woodchucks, and not far from the Gardner place bagged a very peculiar specimen. The proportions of its body seemed slightly altered in a queer way impossible to describe, while its face had taken on an expression which no one ever saw in a woodchuck before. The boys were genuinely frightened, and threw the thing away at once, so that only their grotesque tales of it ever reached the people of the countryside.
~ HPL , "The Colour Out Of Space"

Distorted WildlifeEdit

They were the usual winter prints of red squirrels, white rabbits, and foxes, but the brooding farmer professed to see something not quite right about their nature and arrangement. He was never specific, but appeared to think that they were not as characteristic of the anatomy and habits of squirrels and rabbits and foxes as they ought to be.
~ HPL , "The Colour Out Of Space"

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