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"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming..." - English translation of Aklo verse

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N'h'll is a mysterious entity or force worshiped at least by one insane killer who escaped from Arkham Asylum. Information about N'h'll is apparently only to be found in the Song of Yste. (EXP: "Sweet Despise" (1997) [Peter A. Worthy])

What is the child to me, Oakes? Nothing. Just as the Great Old Ones are to N'h'll. "They may wake and clear the Earth, but in the long stretch that is infinity all comes back to N'h'll in the end. Birth, death and rebirth -- and in between it all is N'h'll, even Mlandoth is not immune to the void.
~ Peter A. Worthy , EXP: "Sweet Despise"

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