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This subject contains information from the "Lovecraft Circle" Myth Cycles, and while guided by HPL are not based on his work alone. The Necronomicon is the title of a fictional book created by H. P. Lovecraft. Numerous other authors including Clark Ashton Smith, Brian Lumley, Ramsey Campbell and Keith Herber have added to its contents over the years.

The Kitab al Azif (original Arabic title of the Necronomicon) was written in the early 8th century by Abdul Alhazred. Alhazred was a poet in the court of a minor nobleman in the city of Sanaá. For reasons unknown he left the city and spent ten years wandering in the deserts. During this time he visited places such as: Irim, the City of the Pillars; the catacombs of Egypt; and the temple of Nug and Yeb in the Crimson Desert. In his old age Alhazred lived in the great city of Damascus, where he produced the Kitab al Azif. In the long years that followed many translations of this great work have been made.

It is banned in most countries and all organised ecclesiastics. (HPL: "History of the Necronomicon")

According to Lovecraft's fiction, Robert W. Chambers took inspiration for his King in Yellow concept from rumours he had heard regarding the Necronomicon (HPL: "History of the Necronomicon").

Known Contents

Lovecraft's Work

Circle Works

Expanded Mythos Works

  • A section that mentions creatures beyond the threshold of space such as the Tomb Herd ("The Tomb Herd", Ramsey Campbell)
  • Information on the Gulf of S'glhuo ("The Plain of Sound", Ramsey Campbell)
  • A chapter on a complicated and lengthy process capable of resurrecting the dead.
  • A formula for temporarily banishing manifestations of Ahtu.
  • A ritual accelerating the transformation from human into Deep One ("The Tomb of Priscus", Brian Mooney)
  • The Mao ceremony ("The Plain of Sound", Ramsey Campbell)
  • Copy of arcane symbols ("Castle Dark" RPG Module, Keith Herbert)
  • The story of Kish and Sarnath ("Zoth-Ommog", Lin Carter)
  • The Zoan Chant; a spell for reflected harmful powers sent against the caster ("Something in the Moonlight", Lin Carter)
  • How to create a portal to Nyaralathotep (Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion, "Cairo : Ancient Land, Ancient Horror" RPG Module, Larry DiTillio and Lynn Willis)
  • A footnote containing an untitled formula capable of opening a gateway to Cthugha.
  • Information on the Black Pharaoh Nephren-Ka.
  • Information on an ancient aquatic race Alhazred terms the Dwellers in the Depths. This page also features an astrological chart ("The Horror from the Bridge", Ramsey Campbell)
  • Page 224 contains the Hoy-Dhin Chant. ("The Horror at Oakdeene", Brian Lumley)
  • A spell to send back Bugg-Shash back to its own dimension ("The Kiss of Bugg-Shash", Brian Lumley)
  • Information on Yomagn'tho ("The Feaster from the Stars", E. P. Berglund)
  • Possibly the solution for telepathy ("I Know What You Need", Stephen King).
  • A description of the powers the Other Name of Azathoth gives the wielder, but not the name itself.
  • Instructions on how to destroy an egg of Yig using a combination of musical notes.
  • An illustration of the Furnace of Nug.
  • A prophecy foretelling the rebirth of the high priest Nophru-Ka.


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