Negotiam Perambulans is a short story by british writer E.F.Benson .

It details the tale of a man,who,as a child comes to an isolated fisher villiage in West Cornwall and is enchanted with it.He stays at his uncles house during this entiere time,hearing his uncle (who is a vicar) give sermons that are especialy teryfiyng,mostly when refering to a couple of painted panels,on which is detailed the horrible death of a sacriligeous person at the hands of of a horrible creature.The panel bears the following biblical text:

"Negotium perambulans in tenebris" ,meaning "the pestilence that walketh in darkness" and coming from the ninety first psalm.

The man as a boy eventualy moves to London and only when his education is complete,he returns,villing never to leave again.

As he learns from his widowed aunt,the person,who possesed the house,on whose grounds the murder described in the church panel.

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