Nephren-Ka, The Black Pharaoh, an insane pharaoh who secured the Shining Trapezohedron for Egypt, but after being convinced by the resident Haunter of the Dark, he had a lightless temple created to hold the stone and the deity within. That temple became a center of abominable happenings, and the rites carried out there were so monstrous the temple was destroyed and the Pharaoh's name was struck from all records and monuments. The Pharaoh was controlled by the cruel god Nyarlathotep, of whom the Haunter of the Dark was likely an avatar.

Behind the MythosEdit

For the "Fungi From Yuggoth" RPG campaign, Keith Herber introduced Nophru-Ka as the leader of the Brother of the the Black Pharaoh. It is believed to have been a typo seen in future writings, Herber used Nephren-Ka as former leader of this cult.


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