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This subject contains information from the "Lovecraft Circle" Myth Cycles, and while guided by HPL are not based on his work alone. Newburyport is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts.


Newburyport is bordered by the Lower Green and Parker River beyond which is the sea. The coastal highway to Rowley and Ipswich passes Plum Island and a desolate patch of land exposed to the sand by deforestation in 1846. Despite humans being responsible for the deforestation, the locals believed the desolation to be connected to the great evil behind the Innsmouth plague that same year.

Innsmouth is an hour's bus ride down the coast.


The people of Newburyport are widely suspicious and refuse to discuss their dreaded neighbours in Innsmouth.

  • Miss Anna Tilton - The curator of the Historical Society
  • The Ticket Agent - A stout, shrewd-faced employee of the Newburyport train station from Parton, Vermont. As an outsider he is less afraid of discussing Innsmouth but would still never dare go there.


  • Newburyport Public Library - Home to documents on Essex County history.
  • Newburyport Historical Society - Home to the mysterious Innsmouth tiara and curated by Anna Tilton.
  • YMCA

Market Square[]

  • Hammond's Drug Store
  • Bus stop - Busses for Arkham via Insmouth leave at 10 AM and 7PM.

State Street[]

  • Rows of old brick buildings
  • Pawn Shop -  Obtained an Innsmouth tiara after a drunk (Later murdered) sold it in 1873.

High Street[]

  • A left turn off of State Street with early republic mansions of the early republic and colonial farmhouses.

Beyond the Mythos[]

Unlike nearby Innsmouth and Arkham, Neburyport is a real city in Essex County, Massachusetts.