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This subject contains information from the "Lovecraft Circle" Myth Cycles, and while guided by HPL are not based on his work alone. Nioth-Korghai is an extraterrestrial character who appears in Clark Ashton Smith's Zothique Cycle story "The Tomb-Spawn".


When first introduced, Nioth-Korghai was not described, although it was mentioned that young men and women were sacrificed to it.

Later, after dying and merging with the equally-dead Ossaru, it was described thus:

The thing was like some blasphemous dream of a mad devil. Its main portion or body was urn-like in form and was pedestalled on a queerly tilted block of stone at the vault's center. It was palish and pitted with innumerable small apertures. From its bosom and flat-tened base many arm-like and leg-like projections trailed in swollen nightmare segments to the ground; and two other members, sloping tautly, reached down like roots into an open and seemingly empty sarcophagus of gilded metal, graven with weird archaic ciphers, that stood beside the block.
The urn-shaped torso was endowed with two heads. One of these heads was beaked like a cuttlefish and was lined with long oblique slits where the eyes should have been. The other head, in cose juxta-position on the narrow shoulders, was that of an aged man dark and regal and terrible, whose burning eyes were like balas-rubies and whose grizzled beard had grown to the length of jungle moss on the loathsomely porous trunk. This trunk, on the side below the human head, dis-played a faint outline as of ribs; and some of the members ended in human hands and feet, or possessed anthropomorphic jointings.
~ "The Tomb-Spawn" (1934) , Clark Ashton Smith


Nioth-Korghai descended from the stars on a fiery comet and befriended one of Zothique's most powerful rulers, to whom he offered advice on a variety of subjects, and dwelt in a specially-constructed chamber beneath Ossaru's palace. After many years, it died of an unknown condition, and was buried in its old living quarters, where Ossaru joined it upon his own death.

When a pair of travellers stumbled across its tomb, they discovered that the two entities had merged, and were promptly murdered by the gestalt creature before it accidentally killed itself.


  • Nioth-Korghai was developed by Colin Wilson for his novel The Star Vampires, and by Chaosium for their Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.