Nuberus 2 (Harris Comics)

Nuberus is a Lovecraftian-like demonic entity in the fictional universe of the Vampirella comic book by Warren Publishing and Harris Comics.


Nuberus (aka, The Many-Tongued, the Keeper of Souls, the Whisperer, the Bringer of Darkness, the Great One, and Nuberus the Seducer) is the greatest of Chaos' servants. Who slumbers in the Nether-Void and the Alabaster City. He is the most powerful of all of Chaos' demons. When he entered Earth's reality, he enthralled the world with dreams of their deepest desires being fulfilled. His return to Earth brought darkness, the eternal night that heralds the return of Chaos. Vampirella defeated and slayed Nuberus in Washington D.C.


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