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🐙 Nunn-Jahad is one of the Ogdru Jahad (the Seven Gods of Chaos) in the fictional universe of Hellboy by Dark Horse Comics.



Nunn-Jahad was created alongside his six siblings during the begining of  time, made out of mud and fire by the Watchers (angels serving God).

As night fell the seven dragons came to life, filled with the purpose of destruction and subjugation. The spawned 369 Ogdru Hem and started to battle the Watchers. The Dragons were eventually defeated and were imprisoned in a crystal prison in the heart of the cosmos.

Ever since the dragons have seeked to get out and casue the end of the world.

Hell on Earth

In the 21st Century Nunn-Jahad managed to escape it's imprisonment and arrived on an apocalyptic Earth. With it's arrival the dragon destroyed part of the state of Kansas upon landing and began to spawn hordes of Ogdru Hem.

Despite the efforts of the U.S. military (barrage of nuclear missiles) and the Bureau for Paranormal Research & Defense (B.P.R.D), they were unable to stop his advance. Worldwide other Ogdru Hem were appearing, devastating cities alongside the Frog people and Hammerhead monsters which served them. He was finally stopped by Johann Kraus who sacrificed himself, channeling the infinite power of Vril to kill Nunn-Jahad. After which all the Ogdru Hem on Earth went still and silent.


Nunn-Jahad bears a resemblance to an outdated depiction of the theropod dinosaur Ceratosaurus.


  • Nu is likely a reference to Nunn, a primordial watery abyss deity from ancient Egyptian religion