Old Ones in Primordium Age, III (Dark Horse Comics)

The Old Ones are Lovecraftian-like demons in the fictional universe of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer by television series by 20th Century Fox.


The Old Ones were pure-breed demons that ruled Earth prior to man, during the Primordium Age (liked they ruled many other dimensions). They warred endlessly with each other, were worshiped as gods, and turned Earth into a nightmarish world. Eventually mortal animals emerged, including humans, and the Old Ones were driven from Earth's reality by unknown powers. The Old Ones bred with or infected the mortal animals of Earth, creating 100s of demon species. Cults were established which worshiped the Old Ones, anticipating their return to Earth which would result in the destruction of mankind.

The greatest of the Old Ones could never be destroyed, and the most one could do was destroy their physical bodies. Their essence would live on though and thereby have the ability to eventually come into being again. 1000s of Old Ones were buried in the "Deeper Well", whose corpses or essences were contained within sarcophagi to prevent their resurrection. It ran across the Earth, nearly 8,000 miles, and could be accessed via an entrance in England and another one in New Zealand.

Known Old OnesEdit

  • Illyria = During the Primordian Age she ruled over what would become California. Where she led an army of 1000s of demons, and greatly enjoyed battle. Once participating in a war that lasted 1000s of years. She was eventually overthrown by her rivals and imprisoned. In the beginning of the 21st century, she was reincarnated in the body of Winifred Burkle of Angel Investigations. Only to discover that her army was gone, mankind dominated the Earth, and her powers a pale shadow of what it was At first an antagonist of the vampire anti-hero Angel and his team, eventually she became an ally of theirs.
  • Maloker = Was the progenitor of the demon races of vampires. He returned to Earth in the early 21st century, reincarnated within Dracula. His return was short-lived as Dawn (turned into a giant by Willow) staked his heart.
  • Arsgomor = He was a rival of Illyria who attempted to conquer her lands and upon his defeat was entombed by her, only to be accidentally freed by her in the early 21st century after which she defeated him again.
  • Quor'toth = Who ruled his own dimension, where he slumbered for millennia, a dimension with so much hate and negativity, that it made the witch Willow go dark.
  • Baticus = He was a giant worm-like Old One, the last of his kind which had attempted to overthrow Illyria and failing were exterminated, after which he was entombed and temporarily freed in the early 21st century before being slain by Illyria.


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