Mythos adjacent SealThe Orocorans is a species created by Paizo Inc. in 2017 for the supplement "Starfinder: First Contact" of the role-playing game Starfinder.

Description Edit

They are an intelligent race in Aucturn, where they have resided for countless times. Its appearance is that of a large wingless mosquito. Your senses are good. Although they cannot speak, they understand the languages ​​of the planet. They weigh 68 kilos. Although they are almost two meters tall, they prefer to go on all fours. They do not have sex and reproduce by sharing genetic information with their tongues, nailing them to their torsos. Subsequently, they lay splinted eggs on arcaciated ichor parts of Aucturn's skin and leave the site.

They are parasites of Aucturn. With their proboscis tongue, they extract the black ichor that flows through their veins to feed. This ichor is also a psychotropic drug that leaves you drowsy. They can often be found scattered in an ichor-induced stupor, which they call the "parent mind." During the time that they are in this dream state, they believe that they can communicate with the planet's gestating consciousness and receive vague prophetic advice from the planet.

They are the most numerous intelligent indigenous creature, and are found where the veins are greatest, either defending them or lying next to them in stupor. However, it is seen as little threatening to others because its members are often drugged and isolated. However, they can release vomit containing the black ichor, causing hallucinations. Considered by most to be nuisances, they pose a threat when gathered in large swarms.

When they are not dreaming, they are irritable and unpredictable when suffering from withdrawal syndrome. Lazy by nature, they make little or no effort to create a civilization, except if forced by more powerful races or the rare Orocoran Ichor Lords.

The Ichor Lords Edit

Although the higher faculties of most members are impaired by their addiction and they do not use their telepathy to communicate, ichor affects the intellectual capacities of one in every thousand individuals, giving them greater intelligence, cunning and magical powers.

In a mix of avatars and priests, they create direct channelers into the mind of the sleeping world and in their divine duty to organize and rule the Orocorans. The objectives vary between lords, but are always related to securing their power and comfort, as well as building huge fortresses or elegant monasteries near the ichor supplies. They dominate the Orocorans with brutal magical power and monopolizing the ichor that, needing it fresh, means that their kingdoms do not extend beyond the veins and that their influence ends where the veins sink into the earth. The truth is that one of these lords could unite a tribe of about 10-20 individuals on a specific objective, but attacking a superior enemy or with better defenses would quickly disunite them, unless it was a famine.

All recognize the authority of Carsai the King and see him as the prophet of their god, referring to him as the "first dreamer". Although they can use the technology of other races, they prefer to attack with the fluids of their stomachs, waiting for the minds of their adversaries to be altered before drawing their blood with their tongues.

Just-hungry Edit

There are ruined fortresses on the tops of the Twisting Peaks taken by Orocoran mystics called "hunger-just" from a series of underground passages. They all died from ichor overdoses and are now more powerful undead than the ichor lords. Although they are no longer addicted to the substance, they distill the substance with rare alchemical components in underground chambers, monitoring hours of Orocorans who wish to try it. To do this, they live enslaved to the whims of the hungry. These are willing to negotiate with strangers to obtain the components in exchange for ancient relics found under the fortresses.

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