Mythos adjacent Seal The Orocorans is a species created by Paizo Inc in 2017 for the Starfinder RPG.


The Orocoran are an intelligent race on Aucturn, parasites which feed on the living planet. Feeding on the black ichor that exists beneath the planet's surface, running through its pulsing veins. With their mosquito-like proboscises they draw out the liquid. The eldritch fluid not only feeds them but its also a powerful euphoric hallucinogenic. Which puts them into a dream state, and they can often be found sprawled in a drug-induced stupor. During the time that they are in this "dream state", they are able to commune with the planet's gestating consciousness and may receive vague prophetic advice from the planet.

It's a lazy species and therefore make little to no effort to create a civilization, except when controlled by the rare Ichor Lords or alien races. Most of the orocorans have had their higher faculties eroded by their addiction, but one in a 1000 has its intellectual capacities supercharged by the ichor. Giving that orocoran not only greater intelligence and cunning but also magical powers. The believe themselves to being direct conduits to the sleeping world's mind and their duty to organize and rule the Orocorans to achieve Aucturn's goals. Therefore these warlord-oracles build massive fortresses or elegant monasteries near supplies of ihcor, establishign local kingdoms where they dominate the Orocorans via the brute application of magical power and by monopolizing the ichor. They all acknowledge the authority of Carsai the King, though the Ichor Lords do go to war against each other and alien races, leading their tech equipped armies.

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