Mythos adjacent SealOroro Munroe (aka, Storm) is a superhero in the fictional Marvel universe, who was created in 1975 and has been one of it's main superheroes, a B-list hero with several comic book series.


Storm is a mutant from Africa, a child who experienced tragedy and trauma at a young age, becoming an orphan who stole to survive. Who was found by Professor Xavier and recruited into the X-Men, which she has been a member ever since. She is an Omega-level mutant, one of the most powerful beings on Earth. Storm has been the leader of the Morlocks (subterranean mutant outcasts in NY City), of several X-Men teams, co-leader of X-Force the black ops hit squad, and a member of the Hellfire Club (a secret society of rich and powerful mutants).

As a member of the X-Men and individually she has fought many threats to mutantkind, humanity, and Earth itself and has participated in various cosmic wars and events. Storm has fought both the demonic N'Garai and the demon sorcerer Belasco, and twice was targeted by Dracula the Lord of Vampires, once as a potential bride. Recently like nearly all of the other mutants she has moved to the island of Krakoa and is now a member of its ruling Quiet Council.


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