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This subject contains information from the "Lovecraft Circle" Myth Cycles, and while guided by HPL are not based on his work alone. The Pabodie Expedition was a disastrous scientific survey mission to Antarctica which was undertaken in 1930-31.


The primary objective of the Pabodie Expedition was to research the continent's geological history using a highly-advanced (for the time) drilling apparatus alongside more traditional dynamiting techniques. They also expected to discover fossil evidence of Antarctica's previous inhabitants during this process. It was primarily funded by the Nathaniel Derby Pickman Foundation and organised by Massachusetts' Miskatonic University.

The organisers expected the expedition's duration to be one, or at most two, Antarctic summers; if it lasted for two, the intervening winter was to be spent "hunkered down" in a specially-constructed base camp while their ships went back for supplies.


  • William Dyer, Professor of Geology and expedition leader.
  • Frank Pabodie, Professor of Engineering.
  • Lake, Professor of Biology.
  • Atwood, Professor of Physics and a meteorologist.
  • Danforth, a Graduate Student.
  • Fifteen other Graduate Students.

Specialist Equipment

  • A custom drilling rig designed by Pabodie.
  • Blasting equipment.
  • Devices to prevent the fuel and engines of their aircraft from freezing in the extreme cold.


  • Two former whaling vessels - the Arkham and Miskatonic, captained by J. B. Douglas and Georg Thorfinnssen respectively - reinforced against ice pressure.
  • Four or five (the narrator mentions both numbers) custom-built Dornier transport aircraft.
  • Several teams of sled dogs.


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