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🐙 Pyron (aka, The Lord of the Living Flames) is an eldritch cosmic entity and cosmic horror element in the fictional universe of the Darkstalkers video game.


Pyron is an alien who originated on the planet Hellstorm. A world that was known for its love of war. Over millennia he evolved into an entity of pure solar energy with the power to control fire at hot as a supernova, one which spans over 400,000 light years. Over a period stretching 200 million years, he consumes celestial bodies across the cosmos with his flames. To maintain his power he needs to feed on other worlds, otherwise he will steadily weaken over time.

He is able to travel across the cosmos at faster-than-light speed. Pyron is able to alter his size, becoming as small as a tall human and has been seen increasing his size to wear he holds a planet between his hands as if it was a basketball. When it consumes a planet, it is reduced to cinder. He can pull worlds out of their orbit, can control gravity at a global level, sense the life force of others, form shapes with his body, create an energy barrier around himself, absorb solar energy, generate energy orbs that he uses as projectile weapons, and is capable of both levitation and flight.

Other than his strongly thematic fire Elemental appearance Pyron is very similar to the earlier Galactus character from Marvel Comics.