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This subject contains information from the "Lovecraft Circle" Myth Cycles, and while guided by HPL are not based on his work alone. This subject contains information from the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos, and not based on H.P. Lovecraft's works directly. Randolph Carter is one of the most frequently appearing characters in the Cthulhu Mythos. The character is semi-autobiographical, sharing several of Lovecraft's biographical aspects as well as his antiquarian tastes and mild nature.


Sir Randolph Carter

Sir Randolph by Hrairoo

Randolph is the descendant of the Elizabethan magician Sir Randolph Carter, as well as another ancestor who fought in the crusades, and was captured by Muslims and learned their magical secrets. Another ancestor, Edmund Carter "the wizard", fled from the gallows during the Salem Witch Trials and resettled at Arkham; "tales of his sorceries were many." ("Through the Gates of the Silver Key")

Carter was born c. 1874. At the age of nine, he underwent a mysterious experience in the Snake Den, a cave at his great-uncle Christopher's Arkham farm, and thereafter exhibited a gift of prophecy.

Edmund Carter

Edmund Carter by Hrairoo

Randolph Carter graduated from Miskatonic University. During World War I, he served in the French Foreign Legion, where he met Etienne-Laurent de Marigny, a New Orleans mystic who became a close friend. De Marigny took him to Bayonne to show him "certain terrible secrets in the nighted and immemorial crypts that burrow beneath that brooding, eon-weighted city". De Marigny later became Carter's literary and financial executor. ("Through the Gates of the Silver Key")

Like Lovecraft, he is an under-appreciated horror writer. His story "The Attic Window" appeared in the January 1922 issue of the fictional magazine Whispers.

Early Encounters with the Unknown[]

See: The Statement of Randolph Carter

His first appearance was in the short story "The Statement of Randolph Carter", in which he and his friend Harley Warren attempt to locate the door between the human world and a hellish dimension. Though Carter survives, Warren was killed by an unseen evil.

Quest for Kadath[]

See: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Revelation and Transformation[]

See: Through the Gates of the Silver Key

After obtaining the Silver Key, Carter performed the ritual of the Key in the hills behind Arkham, in the cave known as the Snake Den, on October 7, 1928. The ritual opened a gateway into a strange realm, which offered up visions of Earth's distant past before resolving into an unknown area of strange stone architecture. There Carter encountered 'Umr At-Tawil, The Most Ancient One, whom Carter knew from the writings of Abdul Alhazred in his Necronomicon. 'Umr-At-Tawil addressed Carter telepathically, telling him that he had unlocked the First Gate, and giving him the choice of proceeding to the Ultimate Gate or turning back the way he had come.

Other Media[]

  • Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.: appears as a playable character in the Nintendo 3DS game.
  • Fate/Grand Order: appears in the Japanese mobile game, as a time traveler who fights against the Outer Gods. He is heavily implied to be H. P. Lovecraft himself.
  • Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment: appears as his disguised form, Chandraputra, in the PSP remake.