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Red Sonja is a character in the fictional universes of Marvel and Dynamite, who was created in 1975 by Roy Thomas. Who was an adaptation of Robert E. Howard's Renaissance swordswoman, Red Sonya of Rogatino, who appeared in 1934 in the short story "The Shadow of The Vulture". Red Sonja first appeared in issue #23 of the 1st volume of Conan the Barbarian, from Marvel Comics. A hero of the Hyborian Age, who at times was the companion, ally, and love interest of Conan of Cimmeria.



The red-haired Hyrkanian girl Sonja lived in the steppes with her parents and siblings, until a gang of mercenaries slaughtered them all and violated Red Sonja. A goddess answered her cry for revenge, bestowing unparalleled combat skills on her. With the condition that she would never have sexual relations with a man, unless said man defeated her fairly in combat. She would go on to become an adventurer and mercenary. During her adventures she clashed with the forces of the Mythos in the form of Varnae the Lord of Vampires and the sorcerer Kulan Gath, and had encounters with the Darkhold and the N'Garai demons.


The red-haired daughter of a Hyrkanian chief, Sonjita was the only survivor of a vicious raid on her village. She escaped into the wild, and would use her hunting skills to track down the raiders, killing them one by one. Later she is captured by slavers and for three years, she was forced to fight in the arena. In the process gaining unparalleled fighting skills and earning the name "Red Sonja". Afterwards she becomes an adventurer, a lusty and hotblooded warrior who loves battle. Eventually becoming the queen of Sogaria, after liberating it from the oppressive Emoran Empire. During her adventures she fought the sorcerer Kulan Gath and later was transported several thousands of years into the future, where she fought alongside various heroes and supernatural beings (Dracula, Eva, Vampirella, Athena, Pantha, Herbert West, and Ash Williams) against the time displaced Kulan Gath and the Army of Darkness. After which she was sent back to her own time.


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