Lovecraft circle SealExtended universe sigilMythos adjacent Seal Rhan-Tegoth is a 15 foot medusa-like, insectoid amphibious god-being (Great Old One) of little power but vital to the return of the Old Ones. It lived in the warm seas of Yuggoth before coming to Earth.

3 million years ago, during the Pliocene epoch, it inhabited an area of Alaska before going into a hibernation like trance. Rhan-Tegoth was the last god to sleep, and probably was meant to be the first to wake. Its body was found by George Rogers and moved to a museum in London, 1926 (HPL: "The Horror in the Museum"), but was then lost track of until It turned up, firstly in Sheffield, UK in the 1980s, and then in America in the 1990s.​[citation needed]​ It was worshipped by the prehuman, cannibal Gnophkehs, but few humans know of it today. (​CIRCLE: "The Scroll of Morloc")

The god is shaped somewhat like an enormous insect, with a tremendous, barrel-shaped trunk with six appendages ending in claws-like pincers and a near-spherical head covered with hair-like filaments or feelers, a tentacle-like proboscis and three small, beady eyes.

Behind the MythosEdit

Rhan-Tegoth was created by H. P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald. It was developed by Lin Carter; Laurence J. Cornford and Chaosium.



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