Richard L. Tierney (born 1936) is an American writer and poet. Tierney, a scholar of H. P. Lovecraft, has written Cthulhu Mythos novels and is the coauthor (with David C. Smith) of a series of Red Sonja novels, featuring cover art by Boris Vallejo.


Red Sonja series (with David C. Smith):

  • #1 The Ring of Ikribu (Ace 1981) (Adapted to comics by Roy Thomas and Esteban Maroto in The Savage Sword of Conan issues 230-3)
  • #2 Demon Night (Ace 1982)
  • #3 When Hell Laughs (Ace 1982)
  • #4 Endithor's Daughter (Ace 1982)
  • #5 Against the Prince of Hell (Ace 1983)
  • #6 Star of Doom (Ace 1983)

Short Stories

Simon Magus series:

  • Scroll of Thoth: Simon Magus and the Great Old Ones (Chaosium, 1997) collects all 12 Simon Magus stories solely written by Richard L. Tierney. A partial list of original publication locations and dates is on-line at the Crypt of Cthulhu archive [1].

Not included in this collection are:

  • The Wedding of Sheila-Na-Gog (Crypt Of Cthulhu #29, 1985), with Glenn Rahman.


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