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"Ronnie and the River" is a short story by American author Christian Riley.


Ronnie is a quiet, unassuming young man with Down's syndrome and a love of painting. He works a janitorial job at the local university and lives a peaceful life in his small apartment; the only upset in his quiet life is the local bully, a thug named Rick who delights in tormenting Ronnie.

One evening, while working at the university, Ronnie uncovers a secret trapdoor which he proceeds to investigate. When he emerges a little while later, something about him has changed, although he doesnโ€™t realise it.

Over the next few days, Ronnie begins to see strange symbols in the shapes of everyday objects. After a while, he paints one of these symbols onto his canvas: a great tentacle whips down from the sky and drags off Rick, while Ronnie quietly wanders off to who-knows-where.


  • Ronnie, a man who lives a quiet, solitary existence.
  • Rick, a malicious bully.

Publication History

"Ronnie and the River" was published in the Weirdbook Annual 2 by Wildside Press in February 2019.

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