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🐙 Sadu-Hem was the first Ogdru Hem to be encountered in Hellboy.



Sadu-Hem was put into the Gorinium, a temple dedicated to the Ogdru Jahad at the top of the Arctic circle, in order to guarantee that the Seven Gods of Chaos have always a foodhold on the Earth.

After the 2nd World War Grigori Rasputin found the being in the temple, and remained in a trance near the Sadu-Hem, until Trevor Bruttenholm and his exploration party discovered them. The Ogdru Hem devours most of the exploration party, save for Bruttenholm, who was allowed to return to America, and the two followed, hiding in Cavendish Hall.

He was later destroyed mostly, when Abe Sapien speared Rasputin to death and Liz Sherman set the Cavendish Hall on fire.

Plague of Frogs

A small part of Sadu-Hem survived, and tried to turn humans into frog monsters, until he was killed again by Liz Sherman.


  • Sadu-Hem was likely inspired by Cthulhu.