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Samuel Nightingale is a character who featured in Peter J. Evans' 2013 novel Feeders from Within.

Description Edit

A slight and wiry man, Nightingale nevertheless had a coldness in his eyes which caused all who met him to be instantly wary; psychiatrist Dr. Carolyn Fern instantly recognised him as a sociopath with no regard to the fate of others. He worked for businessman/bootlegger Phillip Avery as his second-in-command and enforcer (and had been nominated to succeed Avery) until the two died in November 1926. He was also a member of the Silver Twilight Lodge, although doesn’t appear to have been particularly advanced in the hierarchy.

History Edit

Nightingale was responsible for dispatching the assassins who attempted to kill Carolyn Fern, and he himself tried to kill Mark Harrigan, but was interrupted by the arrival of Diana Stanley. When the group of Silver Twilight Lodge members travelled through Mr. Stone's portal to N'kai, he was one of the few lucky or cunning enough to make it back after the Formless Spawn attacked. In a fight shortly afterwards, Nightingale was killed by Diana who stabbed him through the neck (EXP: Feeders from Within).

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