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Scions of Forever (Wildfire LLC)

The Scions of Forever is a fictional organization in the CthulhuTech pencil-and-paper roleplaying game by Wildfire LLC.


The Scions of Forever is the most enigmatic group on Earth and one that is neutral in the multi-sided conflict. It's unknown what influence they wield, the fact that they are masters of the currents of time means that if wanted they could wield great power. Despite such power, they have chosen to use it in very unusual ways. An organization of para-psychics and talented sorcerers who revere Yog-Sothoth. It's rumored that it's members can manipulate time and many of them are virtually immortal. Due to them knowing everything there is to know about the past and future, they are fabulously wealthy but are the world's most private and quiet citizens.

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