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A long dagger of glittering black crystal, shot through with threads of gold
~ EXP: Feeders from Within

The Shard of Panestes was an artefact which appeared in Peter J. Evans' 2013 novel Feeders from Within, published by Fantasy Flight Games as part of their Arkham Horror Files range of Cthulhu Mythos-related content.

Description Edit

When Mark Harrigan first encountered the Shard, grasped in the claw of a Mi-go machine, he described it thus:

It was maybe a foot long, a splintery fragment of glassy stone with one smooth, undulating side. The shape of it reminded him of something

Upon reversing the piece, he further commented

The smooth side was part of a face. Some vast, dark statue had been hammered apart, and a long thread of the broken skull salvaged to hang suspended from the gleaming claw, one blank, hooded eye glaring out

History Edit

According to the Kulten der Antiken Welt, the Shard was utilised in Ancient Greece as a protective talisman by a man named Paenoestes, an Athenian scholar, who was a "self-proclaimed wielder of dark arts". Where it originated from is not revealed.

In the novel Feeders from Within, after a group of Mi-go reconstructed the Shard using an arcane machine, it was once again shattered by a group of soldiers including Mark Harrigan. The alien Mr. Stone then once again pieced it back together before using it as a device to shield himself and his Silver Twilight Lodge acolytes from the attentions of the Great Old One Tsathoggua and his servants, the Formless Spawn. The artefact was once more smashed by Harrigan, and left in pieces in the subterranean realm of N'kai.

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