Extended universe sigil Shaurash-Ho (The Prowler Among the Tombs, and Father of All Ghouls) the progenitor of the ghoul race, possibly through mating with Bast. Shaurash-ho is a descendent of Cthulhu and father of Yogash the Ghoul and it has been postulated that it might itself have been a Deep One. Some sources mistakenly identify Nug as the “Father of Ghouls” but since Nug never visited Earth it makes more sense that Shaurash-ho, the father of Yogash the Ghoul, owns this title. Also known as Naggob.

This mysterious entity is mentioned in H.P. Lovecraft's letter to James F. Morton as a descendant of Cthulhu which spawned other two horrid descendants (K'baa the Serpent and Ghoth the Burrower). The latter would have sired with a Roman noblewoman Viburnia the legendary ancestor of Lovecraft himself. The appearance of Shaurash-Ho has never been described.

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