Extended universe sigil Sheriff Engle is a character who features in Fantasy Flight Games' Arkham Horror Files series of games and fiction. He is the head of the Arkham County Sheriff's Department.

Arkham HorrorEdit

Engle made his first appearance as a Blight card for the EXP: Arkham Horror Second Edition expansion EXP: The King in Yellow.

Feeders from Within (EXP) Edit

When unwilling cultist Diana Stanley attempted to break her ties with the Silver Twilight Lodge, she went to see Sheriff Engle in an attempt to blow the whistle on the cult's activities. At first, Engle seemed to believe her story, but soon mysteriously abandoned the case, and in doing so hinted that he may have in fact been in the pocket of Carl Sanford, the Lodge's high priest.

Ire of the Void (EXP) Edit

After Professor Norman Withers told Engle the story of how his colleague Claus Schmidt had been abducted by Hounds of Tindalos, Engle agreed to launch an investigation, but only under the condition that Withers change his statement to something more mundane. Engle further hinted that he knew about the strange goings-on in Arkham, but was unwilling to write about these things in a report.

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