Extended universe sigil Shterot, also known as The Tenebrous One, is a Great Old One from the fictional Cthulhu Mythos.

Description Edit

Shterot is a colossal abomination that resembles a starfish. It possesses the ability to replicate when a part of its body is severed, creating duplicates of itself which can connect to and control other beings; while the duplicates are nowhere near the equal of their "parent" in power, the Tenebrous One can create these creatures ad infinitum, potentially granting it a limitless number of followers.

History Edit

First encountered by humans when it descended from the heavens in long ages past, Shterot proceeded to spawn millions of its duplicates which then attached themselves to fully half of the population of the unfortunate continent that it made landfall upon. This parasitic infestation granted Shterot telepathic control over those infected, and for many years it ruled the land as its regent.

Eventually, however, the Elder Gods took notice and intervened. Rather than killing it, they cut Shterot into many pieces and scattered them across the globe, where these parts continue to live individual existences to this day. It is said that if the pieces unite then Shterot will be whole once more, and free to do as it pleases once again.

Family Edit

  • C'thalpa (mother)
  • Five unnamed siblings


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