Leave your fears on the docks, lads. I'll not carry that cargo. The wind is up! Full sail!

Extended universe sigil Silas Marsh, the Sailor, is a character who features in many of Fantasy Flight Games' Cthulhu Mythos-related games, and who has also appeared in some of their fiction.

History Edit

Growing up, Silas had always displayed a natural affinity for water, and for the ocean in particular. It therefore came as no great shock to anybody who knew him when he decided to pursue a career as a sailor. Signing up to a merchant shipping company, Silas took his leave and set off to explore the oceans.

As Silas sailed the world, visiting ports the world over, he began to have strange dreams, visions in which he walked through undersea cities and conversed with fish-like beings of nightmarish properties. Upon one of his rare trips home, he resolved to discover the source of these dreams, and was directed to the main branch of the family in Innsmouth.

Behind the Mythos Edit

First appearing as an Investigator for the Second Edition expansion of Arkham Horror, Innsmouth Horror, Silas has since made appearances in Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror: The Card Game and Mansions of Madness, in addition to the novella The Deep Gate by Chris A. Jackson, which is centered on the character. In 2010, Fantasy Flight released a plastic miniature of Silas as part of their Arkham Horror Premium Figures line, but this is no longer available.

Trivia Edit

  • The Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror biographies on Silas differ slightly, with the first relating that his family recommended that he travel to Innsmouth to meet the main branch of the Marshes, and the second stating that he had always lived there. The novel keeps with the Eldritch horror version and has Silas born and raised in Innsmouth and in the novel he has just recently returned to New England from the High Seas after news of his parents death.
  • Silas is a Deep One hybrid, although he has not completely transformed.

Gallery Edit

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