Simon of Gitta is a Samaritan ex-gladiator turned sorcerer.

Simon's life[1][2]Edit

  • c. AD 10: Simon of Gitta is born.
  • AD 27: Simon of Gitta accidentally helps to summon Cthulhu.
  • AD 31: Simon of Gitta disrupts a plot involving Shub-Niggurath. ("The Seed of the Star-God," Tierney)
  • AD 37: The Roman Emperor Tiberius acquires the Serpent Ring of Set through one of his nobles, shortly before he dies. Simon of Gitta is rumored to be connected to Tiberius' death.
  • Between AD 37 and AD 41: The Roman Emperor Caligula takes a copy of the Book of Thoth from Egypt, to experiment with it. Shortly before he dies, the book is destroyed. Simon of Gitta is rumored to be connected to Caligula's death.
  • Between AD 41 and 54: Simon of Gitta enters the service of the Roman Emperor Claudius.
  • AD 41: Simon of Gitta befriends some of the last of the serpent people.
  • AD 42: Simon of Gitta battles the forces of Cthugha.

Behind the MythosEdit

Simon of Gitta was created by Richard L. Tierney based on the real historical figure of Simon Magus, specifically he was inspired by the portrayal of the character by Jack Palance in the film The Silver Chalice (1954)

Simon of Gitta stories & novelsEdit

  • "The Sword of Spartacus" (1978) 
  • "The Fire of Mazda" (May-Jun 1984) 
  • "The Seed of the Star–God" (1984)
  • "The Blade of the Slayer" (1986)
  • "The Soul of Kephri" (Sum 1984) 
  • "The Ring of Set" (1977) 
  • "The Worm of Urakhu" (1988)
  • "The Curse of the Crocodile" (1987)
  • "The Treasure of Horemkhu" (1987)
  • "The Scroll of Thoth" (1977) 
  • "The Dragons of Mons Fractus" (Spr 1984) 
  • "The Pillars of Melkarth" (1990)
  • "The Wedding of Sheila-Na-Gog" (with Glenn Rahman, 1985)
  • "The Throne of Achamoth" (with Robert M. Price, 1985)
  • The Gardens of Lucullus (with Glenn Rahman, 2001)
  • The Drums of Chaos (2008)
  • "The Secret of Nephren-Ka" (by Robert M. Price, 2018)


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