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This subject is written on a topic in the real world and reflects factual information. This subject contains information from the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos, and not based on H.P. Lovecraft's works directly. "Slaves for the Slaughter Sect" is a short story by prolific Mythos contributor Robert M. Price. It centres on the character of Frank Nardi, created by C. J. Henderson for his Arkham Detective Agency series.


A man named Arlan Hellison, claiming to be researching a book on satanic cults, approaches Frank Nardi for help in investigating a series of disappearances in Arkham. Despite finding his way to the truth of the matter, that a cult of deranged inbreeds has been abducting, killing and mutilating the missing people, Nardi is double-crossed by Hellison, who is secretly a cultist. Luckily for Nardi, the Arkham Police Department is able to locate him in time, and the ritual being practiced by Hellison backfires, killing him instead.


  • Frank Nardi, a former New York police detective turned private detective.
  • Annabelle Sawyer, a librarian at Miskatonic University and victim of the cult.
  • Arlan Hellison, a newcomer to Arkham who is investigating a supposed occult slave ring with a view to writing a novel. Is actually a cult initiate with a view to sacrificing Nardi and Sawyer.
  • Sergeant Cerasini, an officer with the Arkham Police Department.
  • Langer, another Arkham police officer.
  • Hoffman, a student at Miskatonic University.

Behind the Mythos[]

"Slaves for the Slaughter Sect" was written by Robert M. Price in response to a request from Brian M. Sammons for stories involving C. J. Henderson's hard-boiled detective Frank Nardi. It was published in the collection Arkham Detective Agency by Dark Regions Press in 2017.

Mythos Connections[]

  • The story is set in the fictional town of Arkham created by H. P. Lovecraft himself.
  • An article in The Arkham Advertiser makes reference to a citizen who believes that the Windwalker is responsible for the recent disappearances. The Wind-Walker is an epithet of the Great Old One Ithaqua, who is known to abduct humans for his own purposes.
  • A drug taken by Hoffman as part of a fraternity prank, the Black Lotus, was created by Robert E. Howard for his Mythos story "The Slithering Shadow."
  • The cult is attempting to summon the Great Old One Rhan-Tegoth.


  • The name of the character Arlan Hellison is a clear nod to noted science fiction author Harlan Ellison.