Template:InmythosMany of the planets in our Solar System are referenced in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.


Venus is the second planet from the sun.


In the future humanity begins to colonise Venus and is locked in conflict with the native lizardmen over the planet's valuable crystal orbs that can be used as a source of electrical power. Venus' atmosphere cannot sustain human life.

The Lizardmen

Though viewed as primitive by their human opponents they are in fact highly intelligent. The Orbs hold a great religious significance to them and they construct elaborate mazes with invisible walls to protect them and trap potential thieves.

Upon finding one of these mazes and the human corpses within the mining company decides to step up their efforts to annihilate the lizardmen completely.

Cykranosh (Saturn)

🔀 This is an section about the planet. For the deity, see Saturn (god).

Cykranosh is the sixth planet from the sun. The gas-giant is a frequent refuge for practitioners of the dark arts.


In ancient times the planet was home to Tsathoggua. It has a twin in the Dreamlands, populated by monstrous cats. (HPL: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath)

The sorcerer Eibon used a portal to hide here from the Inquisition and is the current home of Hziulquoigmnzhah. (CIRCLE: The Door to Saturn, Clark Ashton Smith)

Yaksh (Neptune)

Yaksh is the ninth planet from the sun. This gas-giant is inhabited by a strange species of fungoid creatures known as Yakshians, of which little is known. Several cosmic entities have made their home there over the aeons.


For a brief period the Great Old One Hziulquoigmnzhah resided upon Yaksh after fleeing Yuggoth and the cannibalistic depredations of its parent Cxaxukluth. There it was worshiped by the Yakshians as a god, though it soon grew tired of these creatures and migrated to the planet Cykranosh.

Later the Great Old Ones Tsathoggua (who was also escaping Cxaxukluth's attentions) and Shathak met, mated and spawned the creature known as Zvilpogghua on Yaksh. However, Tsathoggua moved to Cykranosh on his journey to Earth, and Zvilpogghua left our solar system entirely, making its way to the planet Yrautram in the Perseus constellation. Whether Shathak remains in residence on Yaksh is unknown.


Pluto is a dwarf planet.


It is hypothesised to be the planet Yuggoth, the tenth planet of the Solar System, and home of the Mi-go. (HPL: "The Whisperer in Darkness")

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