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Something in the Moonlight is a short story authored by noted Mythos contributor Lin Carter.

Synopsis Edit

The story follows the statement of newly-qualified psychiatric councillor Charles Winslow Curtis, M.D. interspersed with notes from the journal of one of his patients, one Uriah Horby. Whilst Curtis does not believe Horby's paranoid tale of an ancient creature of immense power which wishes to take his soul, he sees no harm in acceding to the man's requests for access to portions of ancients texts which he thinks might protect him. Curtis later becomes something of a believer when Horby is found dead of terror on the night he had predicted, his window shattered, a foul slime spattering his room, and a visiting orderly driven half-mad.

Characters Edit

  • Dr. Charles Winslow Curtis, M.D., a young doctor who obtained his qualifications at Arkham's Miskatonic University before landing a job at the Dunhill Sanatorium of Santiago, California.
  • Uriah Horby, an occultist who has been committed to the Dunhill Sanatorium due to his belief that a reptilian moon-creature is seeking to consume his soul. He is described as "a small man in his mid-fifties, lean of build and going bald, clean-shaven and seemingly in good health," and "an exceptionally intelligent man of obvious breeding ... [who] had enjoyed an excellent education."
  • Dr. Harrington J. Colby, a senior practitioner at the Dunhill Sanatorium, he is stated to be extremely well-regarded in his field.

Behind the Mythos Edit

First published in the paperback anthology Weird Tales #2 in December of 1980 - which was also edited by Lin Carter - Something in the Moonlight was included in the Wildside Press eBook collection The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack in 2012.

Mythos References Edit

Something in the Moonlight is littered with references to the greater Cthulhu Mythos. Below are listed some examples.

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