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Only the somber philosophy of the decadents could help us, and this we found potent only by increasing gradually the depth and diablism of our penetrations. Baudelaire and Huysmans were soon exhausted of thrills, till finally there remained for us only the more direct stimuli of unnatural personal experiences and adventures. It was this frightful emotional need which led us eventually to that detestable course . . .

St. John was a fictional character who appeared in H.P. Lovecraft's 1924 short horror story The Hound. Whether St. John was his first or last name, or simply an affectation, was never revealed.

History Edit

St. John was man with a twisted obsession for grave robbing, desiring nothing more than to steal perverse trophies from the dead. When he and his unnamed friend - who later told the tale of St. John's fate - heard the story of the resting place of a graverobber who had been dead for five hundred years, they knew that they had to have something of his for their collection.

Travelling to Holland on their depraved mission, St. John and his friend opened the man's grave and stole from him an amulet. Upon returning to England, a series of bizarre events and the sound of ghostly howls growing ever closer culminated in the bloody murder of St. John late one night by the amulet's owner. His last words as he lay dying were “The amulet - that damned thing - .”

Trivia Edit

  • For the character St. John's name, H.P. Lovecraft used the nickname he had given to one of his friends, a fellow named Rhienhart Kleiner.
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