The Hive Queen (Palladium)

Star Hives are an extra-dimensional and extra-galactic insectoid races and a cosmic horror element in the fictional universe of the Rifts pencil-and-paper roleplaying game by Palladium.


Star Hives are ruled by alien intelligences, the Hive Queens. Monstrous worm-like creatures with six set of eyes and insectoid mandibles. Whom possess a wide variety of psionic abilities, including communicating with and controlling the entire hive. The Hive Queens are 30 ft long beings that stand 12 ft tall, are able to regenerate, have a lifespan that is 50,000 years on average, and can survive up to a 1.2 Megaton nuke though with grievous wounds. The Star Spawn are located beyond the Three Galaxies and are theorized as being invaders from another dimension. Silicon-based based lifeforms that don't need oxygen, are made up of several specialized sub-species, and whose form and behavior is insectoid-like. The hives scavenge the cosmos for the raw materials that they need, and will disassemble starships, asteroids, moons, and planets. Turning not only minerals into components, but also organic life. It's rumored that there is a star sized Mother Hive with billions of warriors that overwhelms and consumes planets within hours.

Star SpawnEdit

Hives consist of several castes, which are:

  • Killer Beetles = Soldier caste whose members can fire energy blasts and can survive up to a 149 kiloton nuke though with grievous wounds.
  • Vacuum Wasps = Space combat caste of hypersonic living fighter ships that fire bio-electric blasts and can survive up to a 79 kiloton nuke though with grievous wounds.
  • Termite Engineers = The builder caste whom are most intelligent of the Star Spawn and the ones most likely to become self-aware if they are separated long enough from the hive, and like the other star spawn can take kiloton level damage though far less.
  • Worker Ants = The worker caste whom are mindless drones, incredibly resilient like the other Star Spawn but the weakest of them all.


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