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The Strogg are a fictional race created by id Software in 1996 for the Quake video game franchise.


The Strogg are a warlike extra-terrestrial race of cyborgs. They reproduce by combining advanced technology with biological components taken from their enemies. Waging endless war across the galaxy and assimilating defeated races, in their quest to acquire the only resource that matters to them. Strogg have harvested, consume, and destroyed civilizations and worlds throughout the galaxy. Their basic form is that of a bipedal humanoid. No one knows how their civilization emerged nor as to whether they used to be wholly organic.

In their society those with the highest authority are the strongest and biggest individuals, whom are considered superior. These individuals have little respect for those of their race whom are weaker, killing or trampling those lesser Strogg whom get in their way. Strogg technology includes spacefaring warships, interstellar slipgates (which use wormholes), directed energy weapons, cybernetics, teleporters, and mecha (walkers). In the mid-21st century they invaded Earth, resulting in the deaths of millions. By the time that mankind repelled the invaders, every major city had been destroyed and the permanent scars had been left on the planet. The human race seeking to avenge Earth, launched their own invasion of the Strogg homeworld Stroggos and are waging war on that world.


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