Extended universe sigil The Taker of Souls is a fictional demon created by Rodo Sayagues in 2013 for the remake of Evil Dead.


The Taker of Souls is a non-corporeal entity which is summoned by the Ex-Mortis. The demon is extremely aggressive and has a tendency to horrifically mutilate those it possesses. It creates Deadites which are different from the usual Deadites, being less intelligent and talkative than the norm.. Which are somewhat zombie-like and masochistic. It's Deadites are far more durable, requiring the destruction of their brains to stop them.

The demon possess superhuman strength and is supernaturally durable, being able to easily flip an automobile and continue functioning without both legs sliced off. It is able to possess humans and physically manifest itself as a twisted version of a human and latter a bloody nude human female. The demon possesses a type of thermokinesis, burning a human's hand by simply touching it. To summon its true form, requires five souls.

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