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[[Category:Sentient species]]
[[Category:Sentient species]]
[[Category:Extra-dimensional species]]
[[Category:Extra-dimensional species]]
[[Category:Entities based on mythology]]

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Extended universe sigil The Taoist Immortals are part of Taoist cosmology. Whom were first used by Chaosium in 2005 in its Call of Cthulhu RPG, as a fictional race.


The Taoist Immortals are men and women whom were ambitious, power hungry, or mad enough to seek and achieve immortality. The great majority are alchemists or sorcerers who created and then consumed the Red Powder of Immortality. A few are individuals who became immortal by luck, and were scholars, warriors, and even thieves. They all ascended the Ivory Stair (aka, Steps to Immortality) and presented their case for immortality to the Jade Emperor.

The immortals have highly resilient bodies and due to their age have acquired wisdom. Despite being immortals, the behavior and motivations of these beings are human like. The attitudes and pursuits of the immortals are those of beings whose perception of time is vastly different from that of mortals, and their convoluted plans can take decades or centuries to reach completion. Immortals have the ability to regenerate and if destroyed, they are reincarnated and possess their memories which surface at puberty.

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