Extended universe sigil Taranushi is a jinn from North African mythology. It was first used by Chaosium in 2009 for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.


Taranushi is an Outer God which was summoned to Earth by Simoon, a Saharan sorcerer. Easily breaking free of his spell, Taranushi coerced Simoon to bring the jinn to Earth. Which Taranushi let loose on the peoples of the Arabian desert and eastern Libya.

For decades Earth was their playground, traveling back and forth from their home dimension. Upon Simoon's death, they found themselves unable to return home. Enraged the jinn rebelled against Taranushi who was able to fight them off, but lost control of the jinn. He is both worshiped and hated by the jinn.

His giant form appears insubstantial as if made of smoke. One with greyish skin and tusks coming out of its mouth. Taranushi can take a form that is human in shape, jinn, or a combination of the two.

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