Lovecraft circle Seal The Dhôl Chants - a book dealing with Dhôls (or dholes?) and their various ceremonies and spells. It is probably pre- or early human, being attributed to malign and non-human inhabitants of Leng and possibly the Tcho-Tcho People It was translated into Burmese. Heinrich Zimmerman, the noted German musical academic, translated the chants into modern musical notation, and they were published with a commentary by Zimmerman. An English version is known to exist running to more than 127 pages. In Gaelic the words at dhol mean “to go,” and this may have some relevance to the function of the chants.


The Dhôl Chants created by H. P. Lovecraft for Hazel Heald; picked up by August Derleth; Brian Lumley and Chaosium.

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