🔀 This is an article about the Henry Kuttner character. For the Lovecraft one, see Mother Hydra.

The Hydra is the sea devourer. It lurks in the deepest parts of the Mesopotamian Sea. A sea monster of anger and hatred against the surface dwellers. He takes into the shape of a many headed serpent that spits acid and poisonous venom to anyone who travels across the sea.

History goes that The Hydra was once a outer space lord called Szolethir the lying bastard and accuser. Until one of the outer gods turned him into a serpent with many heads and banished to earth for his insubordination and conspiracies against all outer gods. Now by this act he hates everything that lives (including outer ones) and continues to ravage and cause storms in the seas to devour any unfortunate sailors whilst growing in size and power to one day leave earth and hunt those who cursed him into a serpent.

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