The infamous theatrical play, "The King in Yellow," has come to Arkham to steal the sanity of those who watch it. With it come artists who paint things that cannot be, writers who dream of black stars, and madmen who wish to drag the rest of humanity into the dark abyss. Lording over all of them is the King in Yellow himself. With the townsfolk being corrupted by the baleful yellow signs, can a few courageous investigators stop the King in Yellow before madness takes its toll?

Tiny portraitExtended universe sigil The King in Yellow was a small-box expansion for the Second Edition of Arkham Horror, Fantasy Flight Games' board game of Lovecraftian adventure. It was the third expansion to be released.

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The King in Yellow contains 76 Investigator cards which feature additional Items, Spells and Allies for the player to choose from, 90 Ancient One cards which affect gameplay in new ways, and a sheet of tokens which features a new Spawn Monster, the Riot, representing groups of civilians engaged in civil disobedience.

This expansion was notable for introducing the Herald mechanic, with Heralds being minions of the Great Old Ones who are working towards the coming of their masters to Earth. This mechanic was subsequently incorporated into every future expansion, and the previously-released two were later revised to add it as well. The Herald introduced in this set was the titular character, the King in Yellow himself.

Also, The King in Yellow features a set of optional rules for “Performance Play,” intended to depict the coming of the stage play The King in Yellow to Arkham.

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  • Riot
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