The Shadow Over Innsmouth is a 2014 comic book published by Dynamite Comics. It is a derivative work based on H.P. Lovecraft's original story of the same name. The name of the comic book is a play on words since the protagonist is the character The Shadow giving the title a double meaning.

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Shadow and his plucky girl assistant / love interest Margo Lane find themselves in a coastal town called Innsmouth during Prohibition, being warned off by a local eccentric of the waterfront, Zadok. Claims are made that weird fish-men have been seen coming from and going to the ocean, carrying treasure.

The Shadow investigates. He sees the fish-men, establishing that there is some sort of physical reality to the story he was told.

When The Shadow and Margo clash with the fish-men, it transpires, in a Scooby-Doo style denouement, that the "fish-men" are merely human bootleggers in costumes. Margo pulls the costume head from one of them, revealing him to be none other than the source of the original imprecations - Zadok.

In a final cameo epilogue, H.P. Lovecraft is seen, writing down notes on what has happened, implying that this is the source of his weird horror story.

Behind the Mythos[edit | edit source]

Coincidentally or not, and although the Lupoff version features, amongst many other things, Nazi divers and a submarine base, there are basic plot similarities to the earlier Lovecraft's Book.

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