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This subject is written on a topic in the real world and reflects factual information. This subject contains information from the Expanded Cthulhu Mythos, and not based on H.P. Lovecraft's works directly. "Those Folk Below" is a short Mythos story by Josh Reynolds, and forms part of the Arkham Detective Agency series created by C. J. Henderson.


The Arkham Detective Agency is working security for an auction at Miskatonic University where the prized piece is a grimoire of ancient knowledge. As the proceedings come to a close, a pack of ghouls attack the attendees and steal the book. Frank Nardi, assisted by an aristocrat with knowledge of the occult, must descend into the tunnels beneath the city in order to retrieve it.


  • Frank Nardi, New York cop and co-founder of the Arkham Detective Agency.
  • Count Anton Sforza, a Venetian aristocrat.
  • Indrid Cold, a figure from real-world pop culture, often associated with conspiracies involving government collaboration with aliens.
  • Mark Berkenwald, another Arkham Detective Agency operative.
  • Madam Amina Bera, the head of a brood of inhuman ghouls.
  • Harold Clemmens, president of Miskatonic University.

Publication History[]

"Those Folk Below" was written for inclusion in the collection Arkham Detective Agency at the request of editor Brian M. Sammons for submissions. It was published in both print and ebook format in November 2017.

Mythos Connections[]

  • The book being auctioned was a rare 1839 Düsseldorf edition of the Unaussprechlichen Kulten.
  • Ghouls were originally created by H. P. Lovecraft himself, although these appear to have been a lesser or hybrid breed, as they are able to pass themselves of as normal humans. It is worth noting that Richard Upton Pickman from Pickman's Model eventually becomes a full Ghoul, so at some point he was undoubtedly still able to "pass" as a human even though he had "become" a Ghoul.
  • A large portion of the story is set in Arkham's Miskatonic University.