• You might have noticed that I’ve been on-and-off working through the list of redlinks, trying to remove a lot of the unnecessary ones which have accumulated. Over my time doing this, I’ve found that a large percentage of them are a result of articles which have been directly copypasted from Wikipedia.

    So now I come to my point: I think that something has to be done about those articles, but I’m not really sure what. I’d offer to fix them, but I really don’t have enough knowledge of Lovecraft's activities outside of his stories (friendships, publishers, etc), and so I’m not overly keen on having to do all of the research that this would involve.

    I see a few solutions to this:

    1) We delete these pages entirely. I am not an advocate of this option.

    2) We leave the pages as they stand (although many of them contain a lot of information which is irrelevant to our topic, and look kind of messy). I’m not an advocate of this either.

    3) We implement a template to distinguish these pages from our own articles, explaining that they are taken from Wikipedia. Not ideal, but an interim option.

    4) We strip those pages down to a bare minimum, and wait for someone else to join the wiki who is willing to fill them out. Again, I t’s not ideal, but it would make them more accessible to newcomers to the Mythos, and make them look more presentable. I’d be willing to take part in that initiative. This is the option I’d vote for.

    5) We simply rewrite all of the articles. This would be very labour-intensive, and it’s not something I would enjoy doing, but if other editors are willing to do a part, I would pick up my share. Again, I don’t have any experience with Lovecraft’s real life, so it would necessarily be online research only.

    If anyone disagrees with anything I’ve said here, then please tell me where I’m going wrong, but it’s something that’s been bothering me for a while now.


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    • It's my opinion that one shouldn't be copying and pasting or importing anything from any other wiki, unless it's your own work (every single thing on that page).

      At minimum, if it was copy and pasted from the Wikipedia, it should have some kind of banner that specifically says it comes from Wikipedia or something along those lines.

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    • I’m in absolute agreement (I’m sure you’ve come across these pages too). A good number of these pages were obviously intended as placeholders that the author didn’t have time to return to.

      Other than placing a banner on these pages, is there anything else you can think of? As I said before, stripping the articles down to the relevant parts to this wiki (which for me would include inspiration, whether literary or from personal contact) would be my solution of choice, but I’m open to other ideas.

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    • The only other thing I can think of is sending an email or something similar to whoever posted that page, telling them they need to rewrite it or it gets deleted. The other option like you said is for those of us who are still active to rewrite it ourselves. Personally I say just put the banner on it saying it was copied or imported from Wikipedia.

      Make a rule going forward that the only time something can be brought from another wiki, is if you were the creator and if that is the case you need to use the "import" tool / method so that the history comes across too. It's been ages since I've used the "import" option but if I recall correctly it doesn't remove it from the other wiki, it just duplicates it in the new wiki right? Or does it actually delete it from the old wiki?

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    • Fair enough.

      I could put forward that copypastes (unless by the author) are disallowed, but RingoRoadagain has already said as much in a previous message.

      As for the import tool? I’ve never used it, to be honest I didn’t even know there was such a thing. The articles I’ve imported, I’ve just copied and pasted, then modified to fit this wiki (they were all my own work though). If it’s something you feel is necessary, I'll try and find a way to state that this is what’s been done.

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    • It depends on the wiki. Some fandoms are ok with the copy and paste, as long as it's your own work. Other fandoms accept pages that are brought over using the "import" function, reason being it not only brings over the page but also brings over the history (in other words proof that you were the creator). Personally I am totally fine with the copy and paste. In fact I've done that myself. Some fandoms were fine with my copying and pasting, and some fandoms requested I rewrite it or it would be deleted (and therefore I rewrote them).

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    • These have been articles I’ve written on a wiki that definitely won't have a problem with it. But as you say, there are some fandoms that don’t appreciate this.

      Anyway, I’ve dragged this thread off-topic. Thanks for the input, and it’s good to see that I’m on something approaching the same page as someone else.

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    • I am not against copy-pasting but I believe wikipedia's content should later be updated so to keep only the relevant bits. As phrased above, I mostly see them a placeholder of sort.

      If that's something the community wants, I am not against the creation of a "this article needs to be updated" header template.

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    • As to how the pages could be linked to HPL, I would suggest checking his correspondants listed on Selected Letters to confirm a link between them. (Of course he knew and worked with more than them, such as his ghostwriting customers or the Kalem Club for instances)

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    • I agree that it's sometimes necessary to just grab relevant sections from wikipedia so long as we have an honest banner to explain that fact and to encourage someone with more specific knowlege to find and rewrite it.

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    • Could somebody make this banner, as I don’t know how.

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    • Well having pulled out most of my hair attempting to jury rig an existing template it exists. 


      ...other beings with wider, stronger, or different range of senses might not only see very differently the things we see, but might see and study whole worlds ...which lie close at hand yet can never be detected with the senses we have. - HPL: From Beyond

      This article is a placeholder copied from Wikipedia or another Wikia site. You can help the H.P. Lovecraft Wiki by rewriting it or editing out irrelevant information.

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    • The template is okay to me. We can adopt it as "Template:Update" and if people agree I will do it this week. I think I will also make a variable if people want to change the phrasing of the reason.

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    • Excellent, thanks for that folks!

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    • I wrote a template fro general need of updates there, fyi:


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    • Solid

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    • A FANDOM user
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